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About Us

Hello Friends -My name is Haresh Kushwaha,

You want to know my blogging, YouTube and experience.

Important Information – More and more people will work on this internet in the coming future. I am working on news website for a long time, I have great experience in telling news because everyone wants to know about blogging and how many ways.

Hello friends my name is Haresh Kushwaha. I am earning money from internet since 2016. There are many ways to make money from the internet, but few are reliable. I work on YouTube and Website along with blogging.

After getting good success on YouTube, first of all, I tried my hand on YouTube in this internet world when I thought that now I should do blogging and affiliate marketing along with YouTube.

And I got a good knowledge of blogging and affiliate marketing while working on YouTube. Currently I have great experience in YouTube, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. Till now I have told all this to many people and seeing my work, many people have started following in my footsteps.

I’ve always been in this curiosity. Have I learned all this or not, will he be able to teach it to someone else? But something like this happened, people started seeing my experience and started learning something from me.

And I explain my experience and work to people. I have studied a lot but always try to do something big. Every person on this earth has such an experience that if that person knew that experience then he also knew the world.

News Jankari

I wanted to do a government job from the beginning but luck was differentBut along with seeing the job, I continued working here online –

eg- 1- put a video on YouTube

2- Collecting and working on blogging

3- How to do Affiliate Marketing through YouTube and Blogging.

4- More internet works, which is not possible to tell here. I am currently giving information to people through this internet about Belogin, SEO, Google Ranking, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube and other such platforms which can make money online.

I am working on YouTube for many years and have good experience about YouTube. My Youtube channel name is News Jankari. And millions of people know this YouTube channel. Many people want to know about me

My name is Haresh Kushwaha and I am a citizen of a small district of Madhya Pradesh. You must have heard the name of Chambal Valley, I live in a bus. why would you like to hear me? So I am going to tell what I have done so far and how much love and affection I have received-

I have already told everything about myself but I know relying on my skills is not enough. You all have to give some proof,

Here’s my journey with blogging digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Earlier also, I have established many such websites which have become a famous website. And those websites have a lot of traffic. Tell me what you guys think. What you will learn in blogging (about us)

1-What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2- Amazing writing skills to increase blog traffic and organic search

3- Powerful s blogging advanced tips and make money online

4- How to monetize your blog and make passive income

5- An overview of WordPress, blogs, and various technology you plug in and themes

6- Master the art of making money online by creating your own blog, website for social media presence.

Contact us: [email protected]

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