Anjali Arora Viral New MMS Video: Lock Upp fame Anjali Arora’s MMS video goes VIRAL

Anjali Arora Viral New MMS Video
Anjali Arora Viral New MMS Video

Anjali Arora Viral New MMS Video

Recently a news is going viral on social media very fast. Actually an MMS video went viral on social media very fast. In that video a girl was seen objecting. It is being told that the girl seen in the video is Anjali Arora. But, official confirmation has not been made about this.

Anjali Arora became popular with the dance of the raw video. Anjali Arora was in a lot of discussion about that video. Recently, news of an MMS video has come in social media, in which Anjali Arora is being told.

Anjali Arora Private Video Leaked

Social media has become such a medium in today’s time, from where people become stars overnight. At the same time, sometimes such things also come to the fore, about which there is also a ruckus. In this episode, the atmosphere has become heated regarding social media star Anjali Arora. Because, the buzz is that an MMS video of Anjali Arora has been leaked on social media. However, the girl seen in the video is Anjali Arora, it has not been confirmed yet. But, people are chatting fiercely on this matter.

Actually, some time ago Anjali Arora got a lot of recognition from the song ‘Kachha Badam’. His video had become fiercely viral. Not only this, his fan following on social media is tremendous. Meanwhile, it is being claimed that his MMS video has been leaked on different social media platforms.

It is being claimed in the video that the girl seen in the video is Anjali Arora. But, there has not been any official confirmation about this nor has there been any reaction from Anjali Arora’s side. Times Now Navbharat also does not confirm this matter. But, the market for discussions on Twitter is hot. Some say that this is a fake video, while some say that an attempt is being made to defame Anjali.

Anjali Arora New Album

New update will come soon regarding this news.

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