Crying Goat: After selling it on Eid ul Adha, the goat cried a lot by hugging the owner – Watch Full Video

Crying Goat
Crying Goat

Crying Goat

The voiceless animal always shows the loyalty of the owner. Animals never want to leave their master. There is always something viral going on on social media. One such video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which a goat is seen hugging its owner and crying bitterly like humans. Seeing this sight, your tears will also come out. The video of a goat crying on social media is becoming increasingly viral.

Rone wala bakra

Crying Goat Viral video

The video of a crying goat is going viral by linking it to Bakrid 2022. It is being claimed on social media that goat had come to sell on Bakrid. When the owner made a deal with him, the goat started crying with its head on the owner’s shoulder. Seeing such a scene, tears welled up in the eyes of all the people standing there

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