Indian Army 2022: Agneepath Scheme, Indian Army Recruitment 2022 New System, Agneepath Yojana 2022

Today, through this article, we are going to talk about the recruitment of Indian Army 2022. You will also get information about the new scheme in the Indian Army in 2022 and you will know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme. For complete information about Indian Army 2022 Recruitment, definitely read this article till the end. And stay connected to to get information about other recruitments so that you can get timely information about other recruitments in India. Now we are going to tell about Indian Army 2022 without wasting your time. 

Indian Army 2022
Indian Army 2022

Indian Army 2022

Some changes have been made in the recruitment of Indian army 2022. Let us tell you that in 2022, a new scheme has been included in the Indian Army named Agneepath scheme. Now let us know in detail about the Agneepath scheme.

Agneepath Scheme 2022

Agneepath Scheme 2022
Agneepath Scheme 2022

To join the Indian Military, the Central Government has started the Agnipath Scheme. For four years, the youth will get a chance to be recruited in the three services. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the ‘Agnipath Recruitment Scheme’ in the army on June 14, 2022. The chiefs of the three armies (Army, Navy, Air Force) were present at the time of the announcement. Let us tell you that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had also talked about the benefits of this scheme. Now we also know about benefit of this Agneepath scheme.

Benefit of Agneepath Scheme

Benefit of Agneepath Scheme
Benefit of Agneepath Scheme

Let’s talk about what are the benefits of this Agneepath scheme to the youth joining the Indian Army. Let us tell you that the warriors of Agneepath scheme will be called Agniveer. Let us tell you that under this scheme the youth can remain happy only for 4 years. The only benefit of this scheme is that unemployed youth will get employment but only for 4 years. Different views of people are being seen about this scheme.

Loss from Agneepath scheme

Loss from Agneepath scheme
Loss from Agneepath scheme

As you know that Agneepath scheme has become a topic of much discussion at this time. This scheme was announced on June 14, 2022, since then till now the youth of the country is looking disappointed. Because under this scheme, the youth will be happy only for 4 years and after 4 years he will be disappointed only. These agnivirs can be radicalized easily. They can easily be used for other purposes. In such a situation, it can prove to be a challenge for the country. Agniveers would later realize that after using them for 4 years, they were caught with certificates and thrown away.

According to reports, every year more than 55000 high-skilled soldiers retire from the Army, Airforce or Navy. Out of this, only 1 or 2% people get jobs. When Agniveer goes to civil after 4 years, how will he get a job? This government has not been able to explain. It takes 7-8 years for a better jawan to be ready in the army. In such a situation, those who are Agniveers, who will be given only training for 6 months. How will he be able to become a better soldier? I heard Rajnath Singh’s press conference, his body language seemed to indicate that he himself was not satisfied with this scheme. They have been compelled to do so.

Eligibility Criteria to become Agniveer under Agneepath Scheme?

  1. It is necessary for the interested youth to be an Indian citizen.
  2. Applicant’s age must be between 17 and a half years to 21 years.
  3. The applicant candidate must have passed 10th or 12th.
  4. Those who will pass 10th will also be given class 12th education during the training.

What will happen after training and four years of service in Agnipath Scheme?

  1. Training will be given for the first six months of the tenure of four years.
  2. After this, there will be a chance to serve the country with the soldiers of the army.
  3. After the completion of four years of service of Agniveers, they will be able to apply for regular cadre as per their wish.
  4. However, in the regular cadre, a maximum of 25 per cent of the total Agniveers will get a place.
  5. The remaining 75 per cent of the Agniveers who have received the training will be sent home after four years of service.
  6. The jawans who will be released from service will be made capable of self-employment.
  7. Also, priority will be given in the recruitment of armed forces and other government services.
  8. Along with this, Agniveer will also get the benefit of ex-servicemen quota.

Agnipath Scheme Indian Army Agniveer

In this, Agniveer youth will be made capable of self-employment along with military training at an early age. During this time they will also get great salary. So let us know how much money will be received during and after the tenure of four years?

Under Agnipath Scheme, there will be double benefit like PF in Agniveer Corps Fund

Every Agniveer will get 30 thousand months salary in the year of recruitment. Agniveer’s salary will increase to 33 thousand in the second year, 36 thousand 500 in the third year and 40 thousand rupees in the fourth year. Of this, 70 percent will be given as salary. The remaining 30 per cent will be deposited in the Agniveer Corps Fund i.e. Service Fund package. The total savings from salary cut in four years would be around Rs 5.02 lakh.

 The government will also put the same amount in this fund. That is, like PF, it will be a double benefit. Interest will also be paid on this amount. In four years, both the savings and the contribution of the government together with the salary cut will come to about Rs 11.71 lakh. This amount will be income tax free. In this way, after four years, Agniveer will be given a lump sum of Rs 11.71 lakh from the service fund package in addition to the monthly salary.

How much salary will Agniveer get every month in Agnipath Scheme

Yearbasic salarydeductionsalary per month
first year30,000900021000
second year33000990023100
3rd year365001095025580
4th year400001200028000

What did Agniveer get in four years?

time periodtotal amount
total salary for four yearsRs 11,72,160
Total savings for four yearsRs 5.02 lakh
Total contribution paid by the government in four years with interestRs 5.02 lakh
Grand totalRs 23,43,160 
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