Top 10 Best Love Romantic poetries: 2022 Best Love poetries

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Top 10 Best Love Romantic poetries
Top 10 Best Love Romantic poetries

Top 10 Best Love Romantic poetries

You are the truth of life, dear

And you are the source of that love, dear

 the problem is not you, your ego

There is pride standing between us

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just immersed in the thought that

When will your lips be on my cup of tea

Machalata ji has started falling on her again today.

Today again love is slowly decreasing

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I don’t know whether it is love or something.

But what is from you is not from anyone else!

How can I tell how is he doing?

That one person is like the whole universe!

Being you is special to me,

You are far away but near to my heart!

I don’t want your life with me

Rather, as long as you are with me, life is needed!

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My love for you is different

I remember you not in my thoughts but in my prayers

He doesn’t understand the depth of my words

I have said every word which is called love

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