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Today you are going to get complete information about EMAIL MARKETING through this post because you will know in this content what is EMAIL MARKETING and how it is done. You will also know about the advantages and disadvantages of EMAIL MARKETING through this post. For complete information about EMAIL MARKETING, definitely read the complete information given by us.



Email marketing is also a part of the Internet. Which cannot be done without internet. The meaning of email marketing, I try to understand you in simple language. When you market any product or service through email, it is called email marketing.

You can understand the meaning of email marketing in a more simple language. When any person does marketing of a product or service through email, then it is called email marketing.

Like I told you that email marketing is a part of the internet which is also known as digital marketing. In email marketing, people’s emails are first collected. And then emails are sent to tell those people about your product or service together. Then from then onwards we tell people about our product through emails and at the same time we also use the buy button to sell the product so that people after reading the emails click on the link given there. You can visit the web page of our website and buy our product easily.

If you have not understood the meaning of email marketing, then I try to explain it to you by giving an example so that you can understand it more correctly. As I believe that you must have done online shopping at some point in your life. Even if you have not done your online shopping, you can easily understand it. When you order a similar online, you have to sign up with your email I’d and after that mails from that website offer to you directly on your mail start coming to you, this is called email marketing.

How to start email marketing

How to start email marketing
How to start email marketing

Today, I will give you complete information about how to start email marketing, but you will have to complete the content for this information. Only then you will be able to get information in the right way. To start email marketing, first of all you have to have an email ID because email marketing is impossible without email ID.I tell We will get step wise information about email marketing.

Step-: 1

collect email list

It is very important for you to have an email id before you start email marketing. Because as I told you that email marketing is impossible without email. If you also have an email id, then you will also need email marketing software. We can give you some information about email marketing software. Email marketing software can be both free or paid, if you are talking about free email marketing software, then you can go to MailChimp, mailchimp allows you to send only 2000 emails for free. And if you want to send more than 2000 emails, then you have to use its paid version only then you can send more than 2000 emails.

If you choose MailChimp for email marketing, then after registering in MailChimp, you have to put the mail form or popup form on your website or blog, so that any user who comes to your website or blog will be sent through their mail. Subscribe to your email form and you will get his mail id and you can send him new updates. You must be aware that when you people visit the online shopping website, you will get to see that this is the subscribe button in the sidebar or menubar. Let us tell you that this is the right way to increase your email list and retain your target audience.

Step-: 2

email campaign

You learned in the first step that as soon as you collect the email list, you will have to run a campaign with the help of your email marketing software and in that campaign you will have to inform the customer about your product. You should try to give good information to your customers so that more and more customers can connect with you. You can also provide this information by creating a page. And you can send mail to all the people who have joined through this campaign from you together.

Step-: 3

monitor the results

If you are using emailcampign in email marketing, then now you have to monitor your results. Monitor means that out of the people to whom you sent mail, how many people checked and how many people opened and how many people came to your website through that mail and how much was your conversion. If you want, you can do your campaign. You can monitor it only through your email marketing software. Meaning, with the help of whichever email marketing software you have run this campaign, you can also monitor through it. It can also prove to be very beneficial for you.

Email marketing software

People who do email marketing, those people need email marketing software to do email marketing. Let us know about the software used to do email marketing. We also know which software is paid and which is free.

1.MailChimp :- In email marketing, if you want to send mail to only 2000 people then you can use MailChimp free version and if you want your mail to reach more than 2000 people then you have to use paid version. . Only then you can send your mail to more than 2000 people.

2.convertkit:- In email marketing you can use both paid and free version of convertkit. But at this time I do not know how many people can send mail to its free version. You will be informed as soon as the information is received.

3.drip:- You can use both paid and free version of drip in email marketing. And I do not know at this time how many people can send mail to the free version of Drip. You will be informed as soon as the information is received.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one such digital marketing, through which you can earn very good income. If you have a new startup, then you can give information about your startup to the people through email marketing and if you want to increase traffic in the website then email marketing can be a good way for you. According to my experience, whoever has done email marketing till date, his income has increased very fast.

Where is Email Marketing Used?

Where is Email Marketing Used
Where is Email Marketing Used

Email marketing is the best and easiest way to do business, so email marketing is used mostly by e-commerce companies. You must have often seen e-commerce companies to take their product or service to the customer, that if you register your account for online shopping through email, then you keep getting mails of the best offers of that company. Is the best use of email marketing.

Most of the companies in the world resort to email marketing to reach their product to the customer. By collecting the email of the people, they are emailed to give information about their product. Due to which those companies also benefit a lot.

Email marketing is a very good way to generate an income because when most companies send emails to people, they also have the option of buy buttons so that people can easily buy that product and those companies. also gets profit.

If you like the information related to email marketing, then you guys stay connected with So that you can easily get the incoming information. And you will also get many types of information.


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